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Making a purchase on site is simple: in the "Products" see our full range of publications and digital content from which to select what you want to buy. In all the pages you have available the Search box or the Advanced Search, an easy tool to make it easier and faster your search in our catalog.
Each product in the catalog is presented with a card that contains all the necessary information for your choice through detailed specifications prezz, picture, and additional material (eg a sample of the contents).
From the card can access the buying process, by entering the desired quantity in the box provided and clicking the Add to Cart. You will receive the updated shopping cart and you can then add other items or complete the purchase. To continue you must register with the site or, if you already have username and password, logon using the spaces for the login.
It 'just click the link "Subscribe" link that appears on the page and fill out the fields that will offer you the system.
At the end of the registration process you will receive activation confirmation e-mail address that you entered on the form and you'll have to use as the username for subsequent logins.

Partner Login
NetGallery is pleased to forge partnerships with commercial operators in the IT industry. NetGallery reserves for its partners:
- Special conditions of purchase;
- Information for marketing and sales support.
In some cases, it is contemplated the possibility of launching joint marketing efforts and communications with partners, with reference to specific market areas.
The partnership will start communicating their interest through this form of recording, writing or DEALER USER in the Type Client. NetGallery reserves the right to conduct the necessary verifications (by telephone or by requiring attestation proving the performance of professional or commercial activity in the field) on the initiation of this type of relationship. At verification, the Partner is enabled the possibility of access to areas reserved and content of the site.
Warning: The activation status of partners does not happen automatically when you register, so you continue to have access to the site with user privileges. From the moment NetGallery has accepted the request, the partner will access to the offers and information materials to him reserved.

Your registration data allow us to calculate the shipping cost and delivery times, plus you can request to receive our newsletter. Once you are logged into your cart will show the details of your purchase by adding the cost of shipment and delivery data and the method of payment.
At the end of the buying process, before confirming the order by clicking on "CONFIRM ORDER", you can verify the correctness of data entered in a summary page. Confirming the order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation to the email address provided at time of registration containing the summary of your order.

After receiving confirmation of payment, you will be contacted for product delivery, according to the selection of type of delivery (download or courier).

For assistance during the checkout process or later you can call us on 0434 28500 or by e-mail address  sales[at] .

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