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Innovations and technologies for the city, territory and environ

Netgallery collaborated in the initiative "Innovation and technology for the city, territory and environment" IUAV University of Venice, a series of meetings and round table discussions which took place in Venice from 23/03/2015 to 04/03/2015 , in particular in the following meetings:

March 25, 2015

Geological risk - monitoring systems and early warning

Edited by Goffredo La Loggia
(University of Palermo)

Luca Menini (ICT and Networks ARPAV)
Antonio Rusconi (already IUAV)
Nicholas Iandelli (PhD New Technologies)
Claudio Belli (Terrasystem Srl)
Renzo Scussel (Head Hydrological Service and Territory Safety ARPAV)
Roberto Piazza (Director Defense Soil Regione Veneto)
Federico Longobardi (First Principle Coop)
Roman Favero (First Principle Coop)
March 26, 2015

Smart Agrifood

By Augusto Pivanti and Sandra Chiarato (Coldiretti Veneto)

Stefano Woodpecker (PhD New Technologies, Unisky Srl)
Giulio Monaldi (SIN Spa - National Agricultural Information System)
Silvia Majer (UC Information System Primary Sector Region Veneto)
Bevilacqua Gianluca (IT Services Manager AVEPA)
Ugo Baldini (Caire, UniSky Srl)
Nicola Galetto (QuiCibo Srl)
Paul Carnemolla (FederBio)
Dario Colombo (Sicily e-Services)
Beatrice Toni (Director NÚva Agriculture)
Leonardo Marotta (Entropy Snc, UniSky Srl)
Moreno Broccon (SIT Srl - BIM Group Belluno)
Federico Longobardi (First Principle Coop)
Roman Favero (First Principle Coop)
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