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Lean Production - Introduction (video)

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This video is intended for managers, leaders, workers and employees and allows you to get a complete view of the potential of this approach introduced many decades ago by Toyota and is now recognized as world class in order to achieve excellent results in terms of PQCDSM (Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Motivation)
List of contents:

  • Equation of the product price, profit and costs.
  • Lean Production historical.
  • The structure of Lean.
  • Comparison between traditional and lean manufacturing.
  • The improvements obtained
  • Lean on the Influence of Income and Cash Flow
  • The methods and the basic tools of Lean Production

The 5 S and security of people and the environment

  • The visual management (Vista)

The 5 Lean Principles: Value, Flow value, Continuous Flow, Pull, Perfection.
  • 1 Lean principle: Specify the value from the point of view of the customer.
  • 2 The principle of Lean: Identify the value stream to eliminate waste.
  • 3 The principle of Lean. Create the Flow so that the flow is smooth and continuous flow
  • The 4 th principle of Lean. Make the "PULL".
  • 5 The principle of Lean. "PERFECTION".

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