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The marking of bituminous

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The Ministerial Decree for CE marking of asphalt - November 16, 2009 - defines what are the technical specifications to be declared by the manufacturer.


NetGallery offers to those working in the industry conglomerates, a course of 1 day to review the legislation, the obligations and responsibilities of the production process of asphalt.


Manufacturers, construction management, public administration, consultants and all those interested.

  • What is the asphalt: Use and composition of the product;
  • Aggregates stone: characteristics, requirements and tests;
  • Bituminous binders: traditional and modified bitumen, and testing requirements;
  • Production of asphalt: the asphalt plant and the production process;
  • Introduction to the UNI EN 13108: The CE marking of asphalt;
  • Obligations of the Management Representative and the Director of Works for what concerns the CE marking;
  • Guidelines for the CE Marking of asphalt: what to do to implement the FPC control at a manufacturing facility;
  • Inspection and testing plant production: critical points to keep monitored for correct production process;
  • Guided tour of the Laboratory of Structural Mechanics and vision of some tests on the asphalt.

Duration: 1 day Price: 420.00 + VAT.

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