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The Ministerial Decree of approval of technical standards of construction - January 2008 - requires that the welds are made with very precise rules and controls. The designer must take appropriate checks and tests, giving an indication of the type and extent of control.

OBJECTIVES: Establish a welded steel construction designed for structural applications in construction, in accordance with the DM 14/01/2008. Module 2: complete the training coordinator of welding with special interest in WPS production as required by the UNI EN ISO 3834 (section 10.4), of carbon steel materials with wire and electrode processes.

RECIPIENTS: Manufacturers, construction management, public administration, consultants and all those interested.


DAY 1 - The controls on the steel according to the new Technical Standards for Construction:
  • Responsibility for welding, the role of the parties and applicable law.
  • Graphical representation of welds on drawings UNI EN 22553.
  • Concept of welding. Technologies TIG welded, wire electrode.
  • Metallurgy of steels.
  • Defects in welds, and acceptance criteria according to ISO 5817.
  • Non-destructive testing of welds and
  • Qualification of the welding WPQR, WPS, WPQ and ISO 3834.

DAY 2 - Qualification for the Coordinator of Welding:
  • ISO 3834 requirements.
  • Review of the contract / technical specifications.
  • Check WPS application over the project.
  • Draw up a plan to control and manufacturing.
  • Enforcement of the WPS in production.
  • Management of non-destructive testing, visual and dimensional.
  • Calibration and operation of the equipment involved in welding.
  • Consideration of final verification of acquired knowledge


  • UNI EN ISO 15609-1 (WPS content).
  • UNI EN ISO 15614-1 (validity range of welding processes WPQR).
  • Preparation of WPS production in relation to the fields of validity of the welding process
  • WPQR for the processes of welding the most widely used (wire and electrode).
  • Case studies.
  • Final exam (WPS compilation of production).

Prerequisites: In order to have access to the second part of the course, will be essential to have followed the first part.


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