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Lean Management - publication

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The continuous improvement through the optimization of the processes is the basis of competitiveness and innovation .
The present publication , resulting from the course Lean management , aims to provide the necessary training to manage independently , as applicable in the company, the " seven tools of quality," in addition to the technical capability to adjust the PPM using statistical techniques . In particular, the publication presents the seven instruments LeanManagement models , resulting from the dissemination of the principles and management techniques related to the Toyota model and the Lean Movement. Among these aspects applicable to standard techniques work , and just in time kaizen .
To provide a comprehensive methodological framework for the implementation of tools , methodologies are thorough to apply LEAN techniques and 6Sigma , comparing them to take the most effective application of the method.

Contents of the publication :

  •     The lean thinking
  •     Measure the performance
  •     Lean terminology
  •     Lean Manufacturing at Toyota
  •     Streamlined path for SMEs
  •     Guiding Principles and Operating Techniques
  •     The teaching of Ishikawa
  •     Statistical methods for quality improvement
  •     The seven tools for quality
  •     Ishikawa Diagram
  •     Value tream map
  •     Value stream management
  •     six Sigma
  •     Six Sigma methodology
  •     The Process - Operations
  •     The Process - Engineering
  •     The Kanban method
  •     Organization in cell
  •     Poka -Yoke

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