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Advanced Ethical Hacking Course

EUR 3.900,00

In order to combat effectively an enemy, you must know, understand what are the weapons at its disposal, to understand its modus operandi.

To train professionals to counter the sophisticated techniques of attack and intrusion of cybercriminals Netgallery organizes the course Advanced Ethical Hacking

With a view oriented to protect the intellectual property and finance, it becomes critical to many organizations the presence of a professional who meets the requirements needed to implement an effective security system.

The integrity, confidentiality and availability of these data become a dimension of primary importance for every company, organization and institution.

The Advanced Ethical Hacking course is suitable for professionals and security managers, system administrators and managers to network infrastructure, but useful for all those who have a role in the management of infrastructure and services.

The course allows students to work in an interactive environment where it is shown how to scan, test, attacks and how to secure their systems.

Participation in this course will benefit professionals and especially responsible for the safety, security auditors, site administrators and systems and whoever interests integrity of the network infrastructure.

Advanced Ethical Hacking course mission is to educate, introduce and demonstrate hacking tools for penetration testing purposes only


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